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What is playcare?
It is a drop in babysitting program developed to be able to use when you have errands to run and need a safe place for your child to go.​

-3 hour max booking. – Children up to age 6 years
-Management may refuse any persons for the program that they see fit.
-Caregivers must provide a cellular contact and must be able to be reached.
-Meals are no provided. Snack plans are an additional cost.

What can kids do?


We have tons of play items and things for curious minds and busy hands to do.


Make friends

Let your little ones have important social time.


You can get some some time to run errands and do the things you need to do, knowing that your kids are in safe hands.

What are the age ranges?

Children up to the age of 6 years old. 

Can I bring food?

You are more then welcome to bring some snacks and a drink in your child’s bag if you wish; We are also able to provide the snacks, drink, and/or lunch off of our menu for an additional cost.

What food & drinks are available?

GWe are able to provide lunch and/or snacks from our menu at an additional cost, which include:

-pizza (cheese or pepperoni)

-grilled cheese sandwiches

-bagel with cream cheese or butter

-baked goods from the Falmouth Market: sugar cookies, ginger cookie, cinnamon bun, or scrumpet.

Drinks that can be included: juice box, milk, water (bottled or tap), vitamin water, Gatorade, or soda.

Or there are things from our snack tray: goldfish, fruit-2-go, apple sauce, bear paws, nutrigrain bars, or chips; sometimes we have other items as well but these are our most regular.  


Do I have to book?

Yes please! We can only have so many children at a time, so please book ahead; you can book here, online, sending us a message by Facebook or you can give us a call! 

How much is it?

$7 per half hour, for a maximum of 3 hours.

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Playcare Drop-in Playcare service $7 Starts From
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What Our Families are Saying

This was an awesome location for ours son's 2nd Birthday. The staff was so helpful and very friendly. A lot of our guests are from Halifax and they were blown away by the warm hospitality. Thank you so much Playful Pumpkin Play Cafe!!

Nevaeh had lots of fun, the food was good and pizza is baby approved 😊 Lots of little handmade gems to buy! We will definitely be returning 😊

I love the relaxed & fun vibes of the play Cafe! The staff are welcoming and amazing too. My children love it!

So happy to have a place like this in Windsor. This is a wonderful play cafe for young children. I will be returning every time I’m in the Valley to visit my mom, and will be recommending it to everyone! Great service and my son (22 months) absolutely loves it there. It’s safe, fun, clean, and good food and coffee.

Great staff. beautiful setting for children. very reasonable prices
A must wont be disappointed-!
All reviews taken from our Facebook page.